Back! More or less...

2020-01-10 -

As I have mentioned previously I had abandoned all CodeMeteor projects to focus fully on my family and projects I am doing around the house.

However, some may have already noticed that I am already spending some time on a new project.
Something that started as a quick fix for a problem that a family member had, turned out to be something useful for many people.
I am of course talking about the Gmail Mod extension available for Chrome and Firefox.
This handy extension will let you watch video attachments straight from within the Gmail interface and more features are coming soon.

However, this does not mean that I am picking up where I left of. I am still giving priority to my family, my job and work that needs to happen around the house.
After that, I am prioritizing support for the Gmail Mod users, and thereafter further development on the Gmail Mod. And when there is any time left... we’ll see.

I hope you guys understand and I thank you for your support!

Goodbye for now.

2018-03-27 -

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I finally decided.
I am going to put all the development on the CodeMeteor website and other projects on hold. I currently just do not have the time to work on any of it and I want to give my family full priority.

Because it will be a few years before I will be able to do some development in my spare time, I decide to stop my web-hosting contract, and only keep the domain name alive. This of course means that all the old information from the website has been removed, but most of it was outdated anyway.

So, goodbye for now.