All of the CodeMeteor websites use OpenID for user to log in to, even the administrator uses his Google account as OpenID provider to add and edit content.
The problem is that Google deprecated OpenID and is closing the service starting 20 April 2015.
So now I could try to quickly migrate the sites to OAuth 2.0 as Google suggests, but I’d rather start over again because I’m still not happy with how the site works and I was planning a makeover anyway.


Yeh, I know. It has been only 5 years (already) since the last version of the CodeMeteor websites. I was pretty happy with them in the beginning but time showed that there were a lot of flaws in them. That’s why I’m taking this opportunity to start from scratch.

Okay, I’m over the shock. So what will happen now?

At this point of time I’m still in a really early stage of development, actually I haven’t developed a thing at the moment and I’m even have to start at the design stage.
I will try to keep you all as closely involved to the development process as possible, so certainly consider following CodeMeteor on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
I will also occasionally place updates on this page.

Can I still access the old content?

Yes you can!
These links will take you straight to the old content:

But even if you are still able to login with other OpenID services to one of the sites, I certainly do not recommend that you comment on any of the old post because you’ll probably will be the only one to ever read it.
That being said, I will certainly try to preserve as much of the old content as possible.

How can I follow the progress on the new website?

I’m glad you ask!
You can simply follow CodeMeteor on Google+, Twitter and Facebook and I’ll let you know when there is something new here for you to admire!



I made great progress today! Yesterday I hoped to complete the wireframes for the website by the end of the week. But I just completed the last one!

But what are those wireframes I'm talking about?

Wireframes are a schematic representation of the layout of your webpage (or application). It shows with simple boxes and labels where each element will be placed on the screen.

Based on these wireframes I will now start on the design of the webpages.
I hope to have the design ready by the end of next month.

I'll keep you informed!


Here a very short update.

I'm finaly working at the CodeMeteor website.

The first stage is completed. I've defined what I want to develop and I'm now working at the wireframes which I hope to complete by the end of the week.

I'll keep you updated.

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